Vergil Must Have Been Here

Acknowledging a penchant for Classical allusion, we need to mention the Roman Gardens Apartments, which have been very well documented by one of my favorite bloggers, the Dingbatologist.

The Roman Gardens

 This place is a few blocks away from my old high school.  What the Dingbatologist apparently didn't know was that, so many years ago, the trees in front were a lot smaller and more sparse, and that now they have obscured the awe-inspiring Latin translation of the name.

Romani Hortii
This was as much as I could get without looking like a would-be burglar; you can just make out the letters ROMA_I, or ROMANI.  Through painstaking field research, I was able to verify that the HORTII is also still there, concealed by the tree to the right.   It must be conceded that the abundantly fruiting  Citrus aurantium dulcis tree to the left, with its many aurantii, does give the place a fine Mediterranean flavor.  Or at least an orange-y one.

This building isn't far from the Quo Vadis Apartments, also covered by the Dingbatologist.  Since they are both near a high school I wonder if there was some Latin teacher there who owned these places in the early 1960s or some time around then.

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