Stairway To Heaven: Even More Dingbat Paradise In Palms, California

As you reach the summit of Overland Avenue, northbound, you pass by this stairway on your right.  At first I thought it belonged to one of the apartment complexes that line this stretch of Overland.

Stairway To Paradise
But it isn't so.   Instead, this is evidently a public stairway presumably built and maintained by the city.  It leads up to the end of a short cul-de-sac seen, which looks like this.

Top of the steps

Walking onward and then turning right, we enter a short and steeply descending street of mid 20th-century dingbats.  These remind us strongly of the much more posh canyon neighborhoods of Brentwood, Beverly Hills PO, Beverly Hills itself, and the Hollywood Hills--specifically of the single-family houses typically built during the 1950s and 1960s in those areas.  However, except for one or two single-family houses, these are all dingbats.

This area is behind a hill to the southwest, sparing it some of the afternoon sun's heat.  Not surprisingly it appears appears a bit more lush than the surrounding streets.

And lastly a couple of views towards the way we came...

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