Bizarre Apartment Names.

There's a small apartment house near my home.   Living there is probably a lot better than you would expect from the name.  But then, it would have to be:

Just Another Crappy Apartment House
Nobody younger than a typical college sophomore should have to live in a building with a name like this.   The jeers and taunts seem to make themselves up, don't they?   It must be said that this actually appears to be one of the nicer complexes in the neighborhood.

Just around the corner is another complex with a bizarre name.    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

The Chee-Zee Apts, management by Kraft: No Brie Allowed.

The Chee-Zee Apartments, offering Kraft apartment building management process product...uh...management.  Nearly lost my train of thought there.  Do take a closer look at the sign:

Just one minute ago I thought I had somehow messed up the picture on my notebook, but it appears that it's the actual sign that is messed up.  I suppose you could say that the Chee-Zee Apts. have a certain appeal.

So there you have it.   The Chee-Zee and the Crapi.

I swear, I recently saw a third apartment house in this neighborhood whose name is a nice counterpoint to the Crappy and the Cheezy:  The Fantastic Apartments.   But I haven't been able to find it since.

Coming up next: Lobsters.

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