Pointless ramblings about minor things around town: Welcome to my blog.

I've lived in L.A. nearly all my life, and, over time, have grown a major interest in local history.  In my humble opinion this city has reached a tipping point in its history which, in time, will cause it to resemble older cities like New York and Boston physically--not in terms of its architecture and monuments, but in terms of its density and physical infrastructure.  One thing I notice particularly now, is that the city appears to be stabilizing in terms of how various areas are used.  Several small business districts have been much the same since the 1920s, and it's clear that they will continue as business districts indefinitely.   The businesses that occupy these buildings will probably continue to be much the same types of enterprises, which suggests that, unlike most of our history, there will be no particular incentive to tear the buildings down and replace them with something else.

Sometimes I'll be blogging about this in more detail, and some other times I'll blog about bizarre and humorous minutiae that I have discovered in various ramblings around town.  It could be something to do with lobsters, or artificially colored yellow cheese process products.   It could be about something else.   There could even be trouble.

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