Borat, Slack, Tame. And oh yeah, Emily.

From the last post's footprints in cement, we segue to painted graffiti art. 

A few weeks ago I came across this wall-ful of skillfully painted graffiti.  I have no idea who created it, nor do I expect to. But it would be nice to know the inspiration behind these tags.  These pictures weren't taken in a gang area, so I think we can rule out that as an answer.  Nor is it likely to be the work of typical of juvenile taggers, since it's clearly much better done than that.  I think what we have here is simply some person or persons unknown who decided to take advantage of a recent demolition.  I frequently pass by here myself, and can't remember what used to be here; presumably it was nothing terribly interesting.

As much as anything it was the name BORAT that got my attention. I thought the Sascha Baron Cohen's performance in the film was very funny, rising as it did to heights of surrealistic slapstick lunacy.



 Impressive here are the background color, shadowing, and a great use of yellow and light blue, even though that's hardly my favorite color combination.  He's signed it "BORAT 2013" and it wouldn't be surprising to find other examples of his work around town. 

Next up is "TAME"...

It's all right, I don't think he's dangerous.

And then "SLACK".  I particularly like how the serifs on the S are made to be almost as large as the constituent strokes of the letter itself.

There are a couple more names at the far right.

I haven't been able to decipher the last one--is it QHTM?--  but I have to give a nod to "Emily".  Everything else on this wall has been carefully painted with color, background, and shading effects, but apparently Emily just wanted to say...

Her name is Emily

 "Hi, my name is Emily and I was here, too!"  The plain lettering and the "i" dotted with a heart are endearingly humorous when contrasted with the bold statements made by the other painters.  Furthermore, she's almost certainly the only one who used her real name.  

The other artists, though, have decided to make new names for themselves. 

UPDATE: Emily obscured!

I checked back here a few days ago, and found there was some new work. 

 SLACK has redone his bit with considerably more flourish, and a few newcomers have been here too--"TOENOSE" or something like that; meanwhile the new, orange writing to the right lies just beyond my ability to decipher it.  I suspect otherworldly visitation as a possible provenance.  Almost obscured by these bold expressions of -- ah -- whatever it is they are trying to express, is another name which must have been Thunder Prism.  I didn't expect Emily to last long on this wall, but now she's been obliterated, all except for the tail of her 'y' and the bottom stroke of her 'E'.


  1. Hey mate! Weird question - any chance I could use the 'Slack' image in a YouTube video?

    1. (Just FTR, since I replied already to the email)

      Sure, no problem. Thanks for checking with me.

      I do ask that you include, in the description text, a verbal acknowledgment of this blog generally, or a link to this particular blog post.
      I'm insisting on either one, but both would be better if that can work for you. Placing this info at the bottom, like a footnote would be fine.

      Good luck with the video!